19 March 2012


Good news, boppers. (Er... metalheads.) We've got a lot of awesome new music to play you this week.

First is the new Primitive Weapons LP, The Shadow Gallery. Likely pick for album of the week this week... here's a teaser clip, since they seem averse to posting their tracks on YouTube. You'll just have to listen to the show!

Our second featured add is a new LP from a symphonic black metal band called Vesperian Sorrow. Most people would cringe at the words "symphonic" and "black metal" being used in the same sentence, but this new album, Stormwinds of Ages, seems promising. Their label is very small but has shown me some awesome stuff (check them out here). Here's the title track.

Next we have an interesting one from Napalm Records, who have impressed me this year (check out the new Heidevolk LP), and impress again with the new Hellsaw LP, Trist. Here's the bonkers video for the brooding title track:

Also look forward to hearing two Mike Portnoy projects, as well as the new Soulfly LP.

Keep it locked and keep it heavy.

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