21 March 2012

Album of the week and other games

As I forecasted before (since I'm your DJ tonight), Primitive Weapons' new LP The Shadow Gallery is our Album of the Week tonight. Go buy it!

Also, Napalm Records has been impressing me quite a bit this year... the new Heidevolk and Hellsaw LPs are both pretty solid.

Label of the year so far though easily goes to Candlelight... Abigail Williams, Sigh, Lord Mantin, Orange Goblin, CoC... need I say more?

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19 March 2012


Good news, boppers. (Er... metalheads.) We've got a lot of awesome new music to play you this week.

First is the new Primitive Weapons LP, The Shadow Gallery. Likely pick for album of the week this week... here's a teaser clip, since they seem averse to posting their tracks on YouTube. You'll just have to listen to the show!

16 March 2012

Sweet Life to join us for Skeletonwitch

Pittsburgh/Morgantown based hardcore punk band Sweet Life will be taking the third slot in our Skeletonwitch show! Check out a sampler track here from their bandcamp:

Also, tonight is Friday, which means TUNE INTO NO REMORSE. Midnight to 3. Maximum volume yields maximum results. http://u92.wvu.edu/

15 March 2012

Album of the Week: BARREN EARTH... also Revenge.

Check out a track here from Barren Earth's new LP, The Devil's Resolve, right here. The new album is one of our favorite new releases this week.

"Passing of the Crimson Shadows"

Also, one of our favorite releases is the noisy, dirty black metal band Revenge's new LP Scum.Collapse.Eradication.

"Parasite Gallows (In Line)"

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14 March 2012

SKELETONWITCH presented by U92!

What a way to start posting on this blog by advertising that Skeletonwitch, a black/thrash metal band from Athens, Ohio, will be playing a show at 123 Pleasant Street on Monday, April 16th, presented by U92! Ancient Shores and one, maybe two others (Descension Rate and Sweet Life are names being tossed around) will be opening. Check out a track from their latest release, Forever Abomination, below:

"This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill)"

19 December 2011

New Music: WOLD - Freermasonry

New this week on No Remorse, from Profound Lore Records, we have WOLD's new black noise album, Freermasonry. After the jump, check out the second track, "Sol." The album came out on the 13th... go buy it!

15 December 2011

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