15 December 2011


Well, not really your doom, but you'll definitely be in for some aural punishment as this goes on. As of next semester, this will be the unofficial yet most up-to-date blog of U92's award-winning metal show, No Remorse! You'll be hearing news about what we're playing on our show, what bands we're into right now, our albums of the week, our favorite albums of whatever periods of time we feel like posting about it, and metal news about the bands you might not read as much about. We play everything from the obscurest of underground metal to classic heavy metal favorites to even some more well-known stuff. Tune in every Tuesday and Friday at midnight for three hours of the most brutal assault of music your ears have ever experienced. If you're in the Morgantown area, the numbers are 91.7... otherwise tune in at http://u92.wvu.edu/, on iTunes, or the TuneIn app for your smartphone. And to lovingly quote one of our best-loved metal bands...


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